Double conversion online UPS
Double conversion online UPS


           ESP-UPS30 series ups includes the 10 kVA to 50 kVA (3 phase input & 3 phase output) double conversion On-Line ups with an isolation transformer at Output. The Load is supplied continuously by the inverter with clean, stabilized and regulated sine wave output power. Input & Output filters increase the immunity of load from power disturbances and surges.

           ESP-UPS30 series UPS entirely surmounted the technical bottleneck in analog circuitry age, ingeniously applied the digital control technology and high-accuracy SMD technology which assured ultra-high system stability and is able to fully acclimate various grid environment, Single-machine capacity is ranging from 10KVA and 50KVA, widely used in telecom, bank, bond, traffic, utility, manufacture, etc.


•   True online-double conversion technology.
•   7-inch large display.
•   Stable rectifier and harmonic filter.
•   IGBT PWM inverter technology.
•   High efficiency up to 92%
•   Wide input voltage range.
•   Advanced battery management.
•   Short circuit and overload protection.
•   256 real time event log witch detailed parameters.
•   Static & Manual bypass operation.
•   Advanced communication capabilities.
•   Perfect generator compatibility.
•   Cold start function.
•   Auto Restart function.
•   Can set ECO work mode.
•   Optional EPO function.


•     Advanced digital circuit system provides over stable machine run: Through digital circuit system’s high-speed microcontroller and programmable logic devices, this circuit system of ESP-UPS30 series UPS makes circuit control, parameters setting and running management more perfect. Digital circuit system can provide self-inspection and fault analysis function and achieve pure sine wave voltage under various loading conditions.
•     Advanced & Intelligent battery management: ESP-UPS30 series UPS guarantees to enhance battery life and maximize battery performance, life span and reliability through intelligent precision charging. Advanced battery management provides real-time information about battery voltage, charging current, battery quantity and battery capacity. This information can be seen on LCD panel. Besides, ESP-UPS30 series can provide temperature compensated battery charging, battery discharging management.
•     Intelligent inspection system: ESP-UPS30 series UPS can online inspect power status, breaker status, fuse status and all circuit work status. Once machine has fault, inspection system will alarm and notify the administrator.
•     Parallel redundancy: Optional N+1 redundancy parallel. In redundant operation number of devices (N) would supply the load and one more unit (N+1) would remain ad standby. When one of the UPS’ goes out of order because of failure or maintenance works, the other standby UPS continues feeding the critical loads without any interruption.
High Precision SMD technique
•      Improve the circuit reliability and running precision.
•      Chip modules can work without jamming, anti-jamming ability greatly improved thereby.
•      Stand higher temperature, work more precisely, better filtering and more durable, life span extended by 80%
The 6th Generation IGBT Inverter
•      DSP controlled IGBT Inverter provides the highest quality output power, the inverter efficiency is higher, ensures the cleanest output voltage waveform to protect connected loads.


Static & Manual (Maintenance) Bypass
•      Static bypass provides safe failure to mains if the ups is overloaded or develops a fault condition.
•      Manual bypass is used to power down the UPS without interrupting the power to the load. With this feature technical personnel can work on the faulty UPS and it is completely safe to change the inner units.
Auto Restart
•      When the main and bypass sources fail, the ups draws power from the battery system to supply the load until the batteries are depleted.
•      When UPS will reach its end of discharge, it will shut down. UPS will automatically restart and enable output power.
Advanced User Interface
•      Audio alert function.
•      User-friendly touch screen display, which can provide operating information in English, Thanks to this advanced LCD display all parameters of working device can be monitored and controlled. UPS is capable of recording up to 256 events.
•      Visual LED indicator: workflow and work status can be seen on LED indicator.
Advanced communication Capabilities
•      ESP-UPS30 series has a wide range of advanced communication options. Standard RS232 & RS485, optional dry contacts or SNMP card for remote control. Excellent load characters.
•     Completely fulfill saltus from 0-100% without switching to bypass and safeguard stable output.
Thorough protections
•     Input-output over-low voltage protection, input surge protection, phase protection.
•     Battery overcharge-over discharge protection, output overload shortcut protection.
•     Overheat protection and alerting.
High-performance dynamic characters
•     Implement high dynamic regulation and minish output voltage distortion.
3 phases separately adjustment, balance stabilizing
•     Can achieve 100% unbalanced loads output.
Perfect Generator Compatibility
•     ESP-UPS30 series UPS are perfectly compatible with diverse sources, especially with generators.
•     With high input power factor performance, it is enough to choose generator with power only 20% higher rated then the UPS.
Optional EPO (Emergency Power Off)
•     EPO function is designed to switch off the UPS in emergency conditions. This system will turn off the rectifier, Inverter and will stop powering the load immediately (including the inverter and bypass) also the battery stops charging or discharging.
•     If the input utility is still present, the UPS’s control units will remain active, however, the output will be turned off. To remove all power from the UPS the external feeder breaker should be opened.
Optional input harmonic filter or 12 pulse wave rectifiers
•     UPS with 12 pulse rectifier and input harmonic filter can make the THD <5% and make the input power factor >0.96 Optional battery detecting modules.
•     Can inspect single cell battery’s parameters, and display in panel. If the battery has fault, will alarm immediately and notify the administrator.
Personalized settings
•     Users can set UPS work status, can choose UPS, ECO, or Inverter work mode.