Universal Vibrating Horn (VH)


         High decibel universal vibrating horn for heavy – duty and indoor application use. This device operates from a local power source which makes it possible in a system to connect the device to power sources of different voltages.

         The ESPAN electro – mechanical vibrating horn is manufactured for general purpose alarm and warning applications. Installation is quick and simple by tightening the four screws onto panel boards. Applications include: panel boards, switchboards, ceilings and walls for building hallways, corridors and manufacturing sites. 


♦      Complete assembled, rugged design

♦      Universal power supply from 24 VDC to 48 – 240 VAC/DC

♦      Low power consumption, only 5VA (maximum)

♦      Corrosion resistant finish (Epoxy Resin Color)

♦      Wide operating range: -10% to +10% of nominal input voltage

♦      Fuse protection in case of overload

♦      Kind of sound by selector switch: C = Continuous sound, A = Alternate sound

♦      Continuous duty time: 105 minutes

Technical Data


Wiring Diagram