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DISCREPANCY SWITCH Discrepancy switches NDCS are used to control and monitor the circuit breaker and disconnecting switch. Also display their circuit state in mimic panels and illuminated mimic diagrams. CAM SWITCH Cam switches series NCS have been developed to the latest achievements in the field of switching devices through the application for local control panel, local control cabinet of power transformer and all control panel. LED Semaphore indicator is used as a state indicator of the circuit breaker, disconnector or earthing switch. SEMAPHORE INDICATOR Slide ANALOGUE PANEL METER All the devices keep their accuracy under the influence of an external magnetic field with a value ≥0.5 T. Slide SPACE HEATER Space heater is used in enclosures where damage from condensation must be prevented, or where the temperature may not fall below a minimum value, widely used in the control panel, switchgear cubicle, main distribution board, control box. Slide ANNUNCIATOR SYSTEM ESPAN02 Series are designed to use as an alarm system for general protection switchboard, local control panel of GIS, local control cabinet of power transformer and all of control panels, which need alarm function. Slide POWER BUZZER The ESPAN power Buzzer type PBZ is manufactured for general purpose alarm and warning applications Installation is quick and simply by tightening the four screws onto panel boards. Slide DIGITAL AC/DC VOLTAGE MONITORING RELAY The AC/DC Voltage monitoring relay a digital relay Slide TRANSFER SWITCH
Slide INTELLIGENT POWER INVERTER The power inverter employs high frequency PWM technology with microprocessor based design that controls all diagnostics and operations to address the critical AC powering requirements of equipment applications.

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